One thing after another…

So the past 2 days have been the definition of AWFUL.

Yesterday, someone rear ended Jacob and I coming back from Lowes. Then the man wouldn’t get out of the car to speak to us, granted he didn’t mess up our vehicle because he hit the jeep hit. But the fact that we tried to speak to him but he wouldn’t really pissed us off. He drove off like nothing happened.

Last night, Jacob drove my car to get his haircut before work this morning. He hit something which caused a rock to hit my windshield and well you know what that means…. HUGE CRACK down the front of it.

Then, the invasion of wasps continued. We have a ton of wasps in our house and I’m getting so frustrated with it, it’s been like that since day one. I went around the house to find where they were coming from and found a bunch of mold.

That’s right, I said mold. FREAKING MOLD.

The whole closet door that’s locked up with the air unit it in was completely covered in black mold. Then as I continued to walk around the house, I found 3 other places on the ceiling.

As soon as the maintenance office opened, we called them and informed them. I had a man come out 4 hours later and he tells me it’s just “mildew.”

It was obviously mold, because if you saw his eyes when he opened the door he was in total shock. But then looked at me and tried to reassure me that it wasn’t a big deal.

And on top of everything we have this hurricane coming right for us. I have went grocery shopping and called almost every store to try and get some bottled water. I cannot find water anywhere for the life of me.

I finally just bought a bunch of overpriced gatorades because I needed something to drink obviously.

After I go to all the trouble to find them, Jacob tells me he isn’t okay with me staying here so I leave to come home to Lincolnton, Friday morning. I’m hoping I don’t run into too much rain and traffic. But Jacob refuses to let me stay in Jacksonville. He said there was as no argument about it, and that I have no option.

All I can do is drive home, away from trouble and pray for all the families that are staying here in the madness.

So yes, my life has been completely awful but I’m coming home and getting away from this mess. And yes, you just read me complain a bunch. But in the end, I get to come home and I’m thankful I have somewhere safe to go.

This is your everyday life, you continue to complain about every little thing but then you realize how some people have it so much worse than you do. Reality hit me in the face while I was watching all the news about everyone else hit by Hurricane Irma so far. I have a chance to get out of harms way, so I’m beyond blessed.

On the other hand, Jacob will be staying here until the military allows him to evacuate. I’m worried sick about leaving him here, I just have to pray and trust God in the midst of all of this.

“The only way to worry about nothing is to pray about everything.”


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