God forgives, why can’t we?

Forgiveness… for me that’s such a hard pill to swallow.

About 3 years ago, someone hurt a special person in my life, which resulted in hurting many others. To this day, I resent this person.

I don’t know why but hurting someone I love hurts me more than anything.

Why should I sit here and hold a grudge? This event occurred years ago and I’m sitting here being petty. I’m hurting myself by staying angry.

God forgave us, when we didn’t deserve it. So we have to forgive others.

In Ephesians 4 verse 32, the Bible says “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ Jesus forgave you.”

I sin all the time, 24/7, even when I try to be the best possible Christian ever. But God continues to forgive me daily; for gossiping, cursing, (I hate to admit it, but sometimes I have a mouth like a sailor), lying and so much more.

I’m not perfect in anyway possible and God looks down upon me and says “I forgive you.”

Some people forget the most important thing about forgiveness in the Bible, in Matthew 6 verse 15 the Bible says “But if you do not forgive others sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.”

In order for God to forgive me, I have to forgive others.

Wow, I’ve read this verse many many times but never really put it into perspective, and brutal honestly that may be because I’ve never really dug into the Bible like I have been lately.

I’ve been in such a fog lately, everything has been okay in my life but something just didn’t feel quite right. I believe that I haven’t been “content” with my life because I’ve been so angry underneath everything.

I’m letting go and letting God take control.

The reason forgiveness is on my heart is because I went and saw “I can only imagine” last night. If you haven’t seen it, you definitely have to! It will bring you to tears, (seriously, bring a box of Kleenex with you when you watch it). But for me, this movie really opened up my eyes.

My struggle with forgiveness will most likely be constant just like every other sin. But I️ know it’ll be so much easier since I’m letting go of all that unneeded resentment.


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